8 Habits of The Happy Millionaire by Bo Sanchez


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Are You Sick and Tired of Being Poor? You don’t have to be poor. You don’t have to panic every time there are bills to pay. You don’t have to be buried under a mountain of debt. You don’t have to worry where to get money for emergencies. You don’t have to struggle with money anymore. You can have financial freedom. You can be wealthy. Let me tell you my story.

For 20 years, I was a poor missionary. I started serving God when I was 12 years old. I loved my life of comfortable poverty. For all those 20 years, I was very happy. But that was because I was single. When I got married at the age of 32, I knew my financial life had to change. So I changed my habits. In 12 years, I learned the 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire.

Today, I’m a millionaire missionary. I know. It’s a controversial thing to say. Why a missionary? I serve God, more than ever. I still lead nine nonprofit organizations. Our team serves the poorest of the poor in the most amazing way — running orphanages, scholarships, livelihood organizations and elderly homes.

But why a millionaire? I own 12 small, personal, private businesses. I have a financial consultancy, a tiny school, a corporate seminars firm, an Internet marketing business and some real estate investments, to name a few of my income streams. (Note: I run them on autopilot. So 90 percent of my time is still devoted to our growing ministry.)

But honestly, I don’t look like a millionaire. And I like it that way. I still live in a simple house. I still drive a simple car. I don’t wear designer watches. Heck, I don’t even wear a watch. I just look up at the sun and guess. Just kidding. I check the time from a cell phone that I carry, which is also pretty low-end. If a thief sees my phone, he won’t bother.

Why the simple lifestyle? I’ve gotten used to it. (Twenty years is a long time.) And, because my priorities are on more important things. I invest much of my earnings in God’s work. Because this was the reason why I became rich. To be a blessing to others. Friend, do you also want to become a happy millionaire?

Then this book is for you. Open it and let me teach you how.

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